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  • #241 Is She Worthy Enough To Attract The Man Of Her Dreams?

#241 Is She Worthy Enough To Attract The Man Of Her Dreams?


This callers last relationship ended recently, and although it wasn’t great she’s wondering if he broke up with her because she wasn’t worthy of him. A guy she met since the breakup isn’t so different from her ex, so what’s going on with her that is causing her to attract men like this?

What is the Universe mirroring back to her with these two guys, and why is she attracting men who don’t make her feel worthy? Can we attract people who will bring out our worthiness if we have feelings of unworthiness? If we want a guy who makes our heart sing, how do we go about manifesting him into our reality?

This call is for you, if feelings of unworthiness are at the forefront of your mind when it comes to attracting your next hot love! You’re welcome!!

Topics covered on this call

  • Much to this caller’s dismay and confusion her life has suddenly gone crazy, including attracting unsuitable men.
  • How is the Universe responding to her vibration?
  • Did her relationship end because she was unworthy of him?
  • How does The Law of Attraction work in reality?
  • Why are we willing to put up with a relationship that’s not working for us?
  • Do all our manifestations have a purpose?
  • Why does something we once loved, loose its attraction after a while?
  • How do we increase our own self worth?
  • How big should we get when we’re telling the Universe what we want?
  • What gets activated in our vibration when we focus on our desires?
  • What should be our minimum requirements in a relationship?
  • What does it mean to be fully present?
  • How can she focus her energy on what she wants in a relationship?