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  • #242 How Can She Set And Enforce Her Boundaries?

#242 How Can She Set And Enforce Her Boundaries?


This caller wants to set boundaries with her family, especially her mom, but the family simply won’t accept or even respect them. Her mom has suicidal tendencies and this caller believes that she is responsible for helping her, but is this true? Can she really set boundaries with a mom who is vibrationally in pain right now?  Should she sacrifice herself, just to take care of mom?

Listen in as I explain why we cannot truly help someone by giving in to their demands and how her challenges with her mom are actually helping her to step into her own power.

This call is for you if you are struggling with setting boundaries and you just want to know how.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller’s family won’t accept or respect her boundaries.
  • Is it up to someone else to respect your boundaries for us to enforce them?
  • Why do people bully others?
  • How do we display our true power when setting boundaries?
  • Why do we find it difficult to set boundaries with a parent?
  • Why is it important to enforce the boundaries we set?
  • Can a feeling of being trapped affect our physical well-being?
  • What’s the difference between a boundary and trying to control someone?
  • Is she responsible for helping her mom who has suicidal tendencies?
  • How can she stop her energy pulling towards her mom’s pain?
  • How can nature show us what perfect balance looks like?
  • Will her health improve when she starts to set boundaries?
  • Why do we get more sensitive to what we don’t want as we raise our vibration?
  • Why you should question everything.
  • Does God really want us to suffer?
  • How do we benefit from all the different experiences in the world?
  • Is anyone other than ourselves responsible for saving us?
  • Why does the world feel so volatile at the moment?