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  • #247 She Wants To Move To Australia To Find Her Dream Man

#247 She Wants To Move To Australia To Find Her Dream Man


No matter how much this caller pushes her vibration towards manifesting her dream guy, he just won’t show up in her reality. She saw a tarot card reader who told her she won’t find her dream man where she lives in Singapore, so she’s applied to move to Australia, because she believes this is where she will find him. So far though, she hasn’t had the success she wants with her application. Is the Universe showing her something here?

Was the tarot card reader right, when she said she wouldn’t find her dream man in Singapore? If she’s been trying really hard to make this man manifest, why isn’t he here already? Can she become a match to the relationship she wants, regardless of which country she lives in?

This call is for you, if you’ve tried everything you can think of to get your dream partner to manifest, but it just hasn’t happened for you, yet.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller wants to emigrate to Australia, but it’s just not happening for her.
  • She’s seen a tarot card reader who said she wouldn’t meet her dream man in Singapore, where she lives now.
  • Can anyone really tell us what our whole future will be?
  • Is hard work the way to go when trying to make something happen?
  • What is pulling her towards moving to Australia, when she’s feeling doubtful about doing it?
  • Will she really find what she wants in Australia?
  • What’s the difference between making and letting something happen?
  • What does she truly want and how can she connect with it?
  • How can a release of energy show itself?
  • Why is visualization a good tool to use, when creating the reality you want?
  • Can we reach for what we want when we are feeling despair?
  • What will the Universe always mirror back to us?
  • What is our only job in receiving the reality we want?
  • How do we become a match to what we want?