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  • #248 How Can She Manifest The Freedom She Wants?

#248 How Can She Manifest The Freedom She Wants?


This caller has tried every technique within The Law of Attraction but it seems like she cannot manifest what she wants into her reality. She hates her job because she feels enslaved by it, not empowered. Given the choice, she would prefer to work for herself, and have a business that brings her the financial freedom to enjoy life as a wealthy person.

Why isn’t The Law of Attraction working for her? Why aren’t her goals manifesting into her reality? What more can she do to raise her vibration, and how can she step into a reality that gives her the freedom she wants?

This call is for you if you know all about The Law of Attraction and you’ve tried every technique, but the reality you want is still just a distant dream.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller wants to create a better life, but the LOA isn’t working for her.
  • She follows all the techniques, but nothing good is happening.
  • She hates her job and is trying to be all Zen about it.
  • Is being Zen about something you hate beneficial to you?
  • How can she enjoy work instead of feeling enslaved by it?
  • What’s stopping her goals from manifesting?
  • Why don’t all our good feeling ideas manifest into our reality?
  • How can she step into the energy of freedom?
  • How can playing “pretend” help us to raise our vibration?
  • What are the benefits of a constructive anger release?
  • How can she become a match to her dream home?
  • What is the value of vision boards?
  • How can we turn work into play?
  • Is it really hard to attract the reality we want?