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  • #250 How Can She Use The Law Of Attraction To Be A More Confident Writer?

#250 How Can She Use The Law Of Attraction To Be A More Confident Writer?


This caller’s book isn’t selling as well as she thought it would. She isĀ losing the pleasure for writing because she is more concerned about her audience, what they want from her and how they will react to her work. She believes if she writes what she really wants to write, her audience will become bored and they won’t react positively to what she’s putting out.

How can she stop reacting negatively to her audience? How can she find her creative flow again and write what she wants to write? Can she use the Law of Attraction to be more confident and be the writer she wants to be?

This call is for all the creative people in my audience who want to get into their creative flow and be who they really are.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller wants to use the LOA to develop her creativity when writing her book.
  • How can we be in our creative flow and generate something new without having an expectation of the outcome?
  • Should you focus on your experience or your audience’s experience?
  • How can she stop focusing on her audience reacting negatively to her book?
  • Why are people more reactive rather than proactive with knowing what they want?
  • Is our worth determined by someone’s good opinion of our work?
  • Why do we have a need to create new experiences over and over again?
  • How can she be more confident when writing?
  • Is not respecting another person’s choices a sign of power or powerlessness?
  • How can she stop being afraid of the people who don’t resonate with her work?
  • Why do people gravitate to us when we are having a good time?