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  • #251 If She Gives Everything Up Will She Find The Freedom That She Wants?

#251 If She Gives Everything Up Will She Find The Freedom That She Wants?


This caller wants to give up everything that she has, to find the freedom that she craves. But she isn’t ready to do that, yet, because she doesn’t know how that will work out, or what it is she truly wants instead. Although she wants freedom, and she’s being pulled towards making big changes, she still feels scared about what will happen. What if it doesn’t work out and what if she regrets it?

Listen in as I explain why she is feeling this way and how she can work through these feelings of fear. Listen to how I help her to hear her intuition and notice the signs, so she doesn’t end up doing something she regrets down the line.

This call is for you if you want to make some big changes but fear and limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has the material things she wants, but she doesn’t feel free, especially in her job.
  • She dislikes her work, but she’s not sure what she wants to do instead.
  • How can she get into the frequency of feeling free right now?
  • Why is she being pulled to make such large changes in her life?
  • Do we have to change our outside circumstances to feel free?
  • Why do we have to make peace with being outside of our comfort zone?
  • Do all of the changes we want have to be big?
  • How can we align our energy and overcome the fear of change?
  • How do we create the reality we want?
  • How can we notice the signs before a negative manifestation?
  • What can we do when other people discourage us from following our dreams?