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  • #252 Can She Have A Romantic Relationship When She’s Asexual?

#252 Can She Have A Romantic Relationship When She’s Asexual?


This caller wants a romantic relationship but she believes it’s unlikely to happen. She’s asexual and she thinks this will stop her from meeting her dream woman. To her, it’s logical that no one is going to accept this about her. But is this true?

Can she find someone who will want her if she has no sexual feelings towards them? Can she visualize the relationship that she wants and get her energy flowing? Can she find a way to unblock her sexual energy? And, can she have the romantic relationship she wants?

Listen in to find out! Hint – yes to all of the above!

This call is for you if you believe your “issues” (whatever they are, and we all have them), are stopping you from getting the relationship that you want.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has never had a relationship and it’s something she’d love to experience.
  • She believes it can’t happen because no one will accept that she’s asexual.
  • Is it true that she’s never had a relationship?
  • Why do we believe we have issues and how can we remove these beliefs?
  • What’s the difference between being logical and having a limiting belief?
  • How can we remove the labels we put on ourselves?
  • Why does our sexual energy become blocked?
  • What does a romantic relationship look like to her?
  • How can she remove her limiting beliefs and attract a romantic relationship?
  • How can she overcome her fear of feeling unwanted?
  • What can she do when her resistance shows up?