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  • #253 She’s Working Way Too Hard Trying To Get The LOA To Work For Her

#253 She’s Working Way Too Hard Trying To Get The LOA To Work For Her


This caller wants to make the LOA work for her, so she’s trying her best to stay in a good feeling place all the time. Of course, this is difficult for her to maintain (as it is for all of us), and so this self-imposed pressure has the opposite effect, causing her vibration to drop.

To create the reality we want, do we have to feel good all the time, even when something bothers us? Why do we have manifestations that trigger us when we’re trying to feel good? What’s the best way to work with a negative emotion so that we can release it?

This call is for you, if you’re under the misconception that to create the reality you want, you have to feel good all the time, meaning you’re working way too hard at this LOA stuff.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is putting too much pressure on herself to stay in a high vibration to get the LOA to work for her.
  • She believes she should stay in a happy place even when things bother her.
  • What is the difference between being responsible and being obligated to feel good?
  • How are limiting beliefs formed?
  • Are we responsible for other people’s nasty mood?
  • What is the purpose of negative emotion?
  • How can she allow herself to have more fun?
  • Do we have to give ourselves labels to know who we are?
  • Should we take advice if the advice doesn’t feel good to us?
  • Why do we make the decisions that we make?