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  • #256 How Can She Attract Clients Who Will Pay For Her Expertise?

#256 How Can She Attract Clients Who Will Pay For Her Expertise?


This caller believes all areas in her reality are broken. She has no love life, she doesn’t have her own place, she has gained weight and she’s working as a V.A. (Virtual Assistant), which she hates. The work she wants to do, she’s actually doing for free, in the hope that she will attract paying clients, eventually. She also gives discounts to her paying clients, to retain work, and the thought of raising her prices to match her expertise, brings up a whole load of resistance about her ability to deliver the right results.

What energy blocks does she have that are stopping her from getting the work she really wants, and from charging better rates for her expertise? What value does working for free have, for herself and her clients? And, how can she release the fear that she won’t deliver the right results if she increases her prices?

This call is for you if you have the skills and expertise to deliver the results for your clients, but you’re not getting the work or the money you deserve.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller feels everything in her life is broken.
  • No matter what she does, she ends up with an outcome she doesn’t want.
  • Is working hard, a solution to solving our problems?
  • What are the benefits of making peace with where we are?
  • What is the energy block that’s stopping her from getting the work she enjoys?
  • Will working for free bring paying clients to her?
  • Why does she feel it’s necessary to discount her rates?
  • How can she release her fears around her prices?
  • Why does she believe that she risks not delivering the right results, if she charges more?
  • How can she get her mind to believe she can build a successful business?
  • Is being uncomfortable and suffering the same thing when stepping into the reality we want?