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  • #259 She’s A Medical Student Who’s Lost Her Confidence About Qualifying

#259 She’s A Medical Student Who’s Lost Her Confidence About Qualifying


This caller is a medical student, who wants to be doctor more than anything else, but she’s lost confidence around her studies. As an undergraduate she excelled, but since being in medical school and after failing her first exam, the confidence she once had just isn’t there anymore. Now she’s not sure if she’s on the right path, or¬†if medicine is something she should continue doing.

Why has her experience changed since being an undergraduate? What are her struggles¬†about? If her desire to be a doctor is still strong why does she feel she’s failing in medical school? Listen in as I explain what’s really going on and what the limiting beliefs are that are causing her to doubt whether or not she has the intelligence to qualify as a doctor.

This call is for all you students out there, who have a strong desire to follow a certain career, but things feel a whole lot different now that you’re in school studying.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is a medical school student who is struggling with her studies.
  • She loved being an undergraduate, but now she’s finding it difficult to concentrate.
  • Why has her experience with studying changed?
  • Why is she drawn to being a doctor in her chosen field?
  • She failed her first exam, has this made her question her intelligence to be a doctor?
  • Are you still intelligent if you don’t have qualifications to prove it?
  • Is there a difference between intelligence and talent?
  • What was her manifestation of failing her exam showing her?
  • Why does she feel she’ll have to fight tooth and nail to make it as a doctor?
  • How can she get into the feeling of easily qualifying to be a doctor?
  • Why does medicine appear to be a difficult subject to study?
  • How can she change her perspective and beliefs about her studies?
  • Is the path of hard work the only way to be successful?
  • How can she bring more value to her patients?