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  • #260 How Can She Celebrate Her Life Before She Gets What She Wants?

#260 How Can She Celebrate Her Life Before She Gets What She Wants?


This caller is a 23 years old who knows she has the potential to go far in life, but right now, she feels stuck in her own reality. Once she gets what is hers for the taking, then, and only then will she celebrate the heck out of life. Along with a big life she wants to have recognition from the masses, because then she will have security and success, which will make her feel safe.

How can we get into the energy of celebrating our life and who we are before what we want shows up? How do we continue to feel powerful while waiting for our reality to change, or is it the waiting that’s stopping us from manifesting our desires quicker? Is recognition from the masses a sign of security and success, and are we even in control of this type of manifestation? Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re waiting for your reality to get bigger and better before celebrating who you are, and you believe your current reality is way too small to celebrate it.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller started her business a year ago but she’s not having the success she thought she would by now.
  • She sells merchandise for book lovers, she’s had good feedback, but not many sales.
  • How does she feel on a good selling day and a non-selling day?
  • Is she getting in her own way and stopping the sales from coming in?
  • Why is celebrating beneficial for our yet to manifest wanted reality?
  • What can we celebrate that will get our energy flowing?
  • How can we enjoy the journey of learning without concentrating on the final outcome?
  • Why does she want huge recognition and can she control if this happens?
  • Is a feeling of security attached to being recognized?
  • How can we still achieve a sense of power when we are feeling down?
  • What are the two motivators in life?
  • How can we stop making the excuses that keep us small?
  • How does the Universe reflect our lives back to us?
  • How can we be the person we know we really are?