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  • #261 How Can She Get The Money To Buy The House She Rents?

#261 How Can She Get The Money To Buy The House She Rents?


This caller rents the perfect house in a perfect location, but now the owner wants to sell it, and unfortunately this caller doesn’t have the money to buy it. She believes in the Law of Attraction, but when things aren’t coming together, she allows her vibration to dip, which she thinks is sabotaging her efforts to manifest the money she needs. When the owner comes around to discuss the house, she tries to stay positive, but she always gets triggered and once again her vibration dips.

How can she stay positive and keep her energy high, when her reality┬áright now is that she doesn’t have the money to buy this house? What can she do that will help her to see herself owning the house, instead of renting it? And, how can she stay in control and feel more powerful when seeing the owner makes her realize that she doesn’t own the house….yet?

This call is for anyone who feels that they are not in control of a situation, and that someone who has more authority than they do, can take something they want away from them.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller rents a house she loves, but the owner wants to sell and she can’t afford to buy it.
  • The house and its location are somewhat perfect for her and her husband and now they just need the money to buy it.
  • What would be different for them if they owned it rather than rented it?
  • What would it feel like to her to actually own the house?
  • Has she sabotaged her manifesting by worrying she can’t afford the house?
  • When we are feeling angry should we allow ourselves to really feel the anger?
  • How can she get her husband to follow her positive energy when he is feeling negative?
  • What can she do to stop being triggered by the owners visits?
  • How can we stop giving our power away to someone in authority?
  • Should she visualize manifesting the money or owning the house?
  • Is she on the right track to owning the house?