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  • #263 How Can She Let Go Of Her Ex/Feel More Attractive?

#263 How Can She Let Go Of Her Ex/Feel More Attractive?


Today we are covering 2 issues; being in a heterosexual relationship after breaking off a gay relationship and feeling attractive enough.

This caller was in a gay relationship for 22 years but she found the strength to leave as she knew she wasn’t gay. She met a man who was everything she wanted, but he ended the relationship. Now she’s having a hard time letting go of him. She wants to, but she believes they were very compatible and he represented everything she wanted in a man.

She also sees herself as overweight and wants to feel more attractive, and losing weight is the way she thinks she can achieve that.

This caller has gone through a huge transition realizing that she’s not gay, then having a relationship with a man. Is it because of this huge transition that she’s finding it hard to let go of him, or is something else going on here? If we can uncover what she truly wants in a relationship is her ex really her ideal man? And, is her belief that feeling overweight makes her less attractive a truth or a limiting belief? Listen in to find out!

If you’re having trouble letting go of an ex, or you have beliefs that your weight makes you look unattractive, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller was in a gay relationship for 22 years, knowing that she wasn’t gay.
  • She met a perfect guy, but he broke off the relationship and mentally she can’t let go of him.
  • Why is she having trouble letting him go?
  • Why is it difficult to let go of something even when its causes us emotional pain?
  • Is there a way to move our energy into a better place when we are in pain?
  • What qualities does she want in a man?
  • What does this man represent to her?
  • What transition is she going through now that she’s come out of a gay relationship?
  • When she visualizes what she really wants, is her ex her ideal man?
  • Why is it important to show up authentically in relationships?
  • Is thinking she’s overweight indicative of her suppressing her energy?
  • How can we change our focus and allow ourselves to feel good instead of bad?