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  • #264 He’s A Gay Man Who Wants To Feel That He Truly Belongs

#264 He’s A Gay Man Who Wants To Feel That He Truly Belongs


This caller has suffered with a lot of different skin conditions mainly around his genital area which indicates he has issues with sex. As a gay man he’s not sure where he belongs as he doesn’t feel comfortable or accepted in the gay community or the heterosexual community. Sex is a big issue for him and he feels a sense of shame afterwards. He doesn’t feel his relationships are equal either, to him, his partner is the superior one. Are his feelings about not belonging and being the lesser one in relationships connected?

Listen in as we work with memories from his teenage years and validate how he felt back then; we give him what he wanted as a teenager. We create new memories and we finally release his feeling of shame. Once the shame is released, will he be able to accept himself for who he really is? Will he feel that he belongs; just by being himself?

This call is for you if a feeling of shame about who you are and a lack of validating yourself, are beliefs that you want to release.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has had many different skin issues for the past few years.
  • His skin issues are around his genital area, which makes him think he has issues around sex.
  • He’s a gay man and his sexuality has created a shit-storm in his life.
  • Why does he feel so bad after sex?
  • How does he feel about being gay in today’s world?
  • Will taking medication for his skin issues cure him?
  • How can he work on and release the shame he feels?
  • Why is he finding it difficult to walk away from his current relationship?
  • How can he begin to accept himself more?
  • In a relationship he believes his partner is superior, can he release this belief?
  • Is practicing S&M about giving up control?
  • Is sex better when both of you enjoy it?
  • How can he validate himself and accept himself for who he is?
  • Why are we afraid of commitment?
  • What benefits do you get when you own how you feel?
  • Why are we willing to accept relationships that don’t work?