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  • #265 Is Denying How He Feels Making Him Less Powerful?

#265 Is Denying How He Feels Making Him Less Powerful?


This caller’s current reality is not shifting into a better place. He has no money, no job and he’s in a sexless relationship. He trying to keep his vibration high, so when something comes up that doesn’t feel great instead of facing it and working with the emotion he tries to deny how he feels about the situation. Because that’s how you get your reality to change, right?!

The thing that spiked for him during the call was his current relationship, so this is what we worked on. He feels quite powerless in the relationship and that his partner controls and manipulates him. This relationship is far from the one he’d like to have and without realizing it, this caller is giving all his power away to his partner, but how can he stop doing that?

Do we have to be in a high vibration 24/7 to receive the reality we want? Is being in denial about how we feel going to change our reality for the better? How can he stop giving all his power away to his partner?

This call is for you if you are in denial about how you feel and you are squashing your negative emotions in the hope that not facing them will make a bad situation better.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has recurring visualizations that are bringing his energy down.
  • One of his visualizations is that a car is coming at him but doesn’t hit him.
  • What are these visualizations trying to tell him?
  • Is creating our reality just about the stuff we receive?
  • Are we here to serve other people?
  • Are we meant to be in the highest vibration possible 24/7?
  • How does our current vibration affect our still wanted reality?
  • Should we get specific or stay general when focusing on what we want?
  • What does his ideal relationship look like?
  • How do we give our power away in relationships?
  • How can he learn to shine his own light brighter?
  • Why is it beneficial to accept people just the way they are?
  • Why do people say hurtful things to others?
  • Should we just give in to people who manipulate us?
  • How will an anger release make him feel more powerful?