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  • #266 She Wants Her Perfect Job But Her Beliefs Are Holding Her Back

#266 She Wants Her Perfect Job But Her Beliefs Are Holding Her Back


This caller recently gave up her job but the worry of what to do next has started to set in. She’s studied the Law of Attraction and other mind techniques to help her to release her limiting beliefs, but these beliefs are still hanging around and holding her back. Beliefs like, she’s not knowledgeable enough to help people, that she will have to suffer before she gets what she wants, and that she should listen to the advice of other people who tell her not to strive for what she wants.

How can she use the Law of Attraction to release her beliefs? How can she raise her vibration, get into the energy of what she wants and find the beliefs that support her? You know, those lovely beliefs that get us the reality we really want!

Listen in to find out how!

This call is for you if you know what you want but your limiting beliefs are holding you back and stopping you from pursuing the reality you want.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller resigned from her a job as it was sucking the life out of her.
  • She’s worried now about what to do and how she should now feel.
  • How should she feel right now and what should she believe?
  • Why is she struggling to release her limiting beliefs?
  • How do we move towards the beliefs that support us?
  • Do we have to suffer before we get what we want?
  • What is the true definition of being confident?
  • Are we ever done with learning?
  • What are the 5 stages of a manifestation?
  • How do we mess up our manifestations?
  • How can she learn to trust the progression that’s already started?
  • Should we listen to the limiting beliefs of others?
  • How can she step into the vibration of what she wants?
  • Do our manifestations unfold at the right time?
  • How do we attract the clients we really want?
  • Why do small manifestations happen more quickly than the big ones?