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  • #267 How Can She Heal After Being Sexually Abused As A Child?

#267 How Can She Heal After Being Sexually Abused As A Child?


This caller wants to manifest millions of dollars. It has not manifested yet, which she thinks is because of her limiting beliefs. She tried to ignore these beliefs and just stay happy, but still, her millions of dollars won’t show up.

We started working on what limiting beliefs are and how best to deal with them and then she opened up about the other feelings she’s suppressing; like her emotional pain from being sexually abused as a child. So, is all this suppressing and being in denial about how she truly feels helping her to manifest the reality that she wants?

What happens when we suppress our limiting beliefs and feelings that cause us emotional pain? Why do they come to the surface when we’re trying to manifest something that we want? If we’ve suffered a childhood trauma can this have a lasting affect if we don’t allow ourselves to heal from it? And can suppressing our emotional pain stop us from manifesting what we want?

Listen in to find out more.

N.B. This call ended in an unusual way but keep listening and I will explain why this happened.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants to know how to stop self sabotaging herself.
  • She knows she can have what she wants but limiting beliefs get in her way.
  • Why do doubts creep in about being able to get what we want?
  • Should we take a look at what scares us or ignore it?
  • Can childhood traumas affect us during our adult life?
  • Why do we have manifestations that trigger us?
  • Why does she need to deal with her feelings about her sexual abuse as a child?
  • Are we doing it wrong when we think negative thoughts?
  • Is there a technique to help her to work with her feelings?