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  • #270 How Can She Attract People Who Will Support Her?

#270 How Can She Attract People Who Will Support Her?


This caller wants to have people in her reality who support her. She’s trying to align her energy with this feeling, but, because she has not had a relationship where she experienced this support before, she’s finding it difficult to get herself into alignment. No matter how much she tries not too, all she can feel is her resistance to manifesting a supportive relationship.

How can we align ourselves with something we want when we have no idea what it feels like to exactly have it? Do we have to know 100% how something will feel to us, before we can manifest it into our reality? When our resistance presents itself how can we work with it and then find a way to release it?

This call is for you if you want to manifest something you’ve never had before, but getting into the feeling of it is only bringing up resistance.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is looking to manifest a relationship that feel healthy to her.
  • She’s trying to focus positively, but she can’t quite get there.
  • Do you have to be able to define 100% what you want in order for it to manifest?
  • Why does resistance show up when we’re focusing on something we want?
  • Should we allow our resistance to surface or just try to bury it?
  • How can we find a way to release our resistance?
  • What do we do when someone isn’t a match to us?
  • Are we responsible for how other people feel?
  • How can she learn to enjoy her music more?
  • How can she attract the types of relationships that she truly wants?