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  • #271 Understanding Signs From The Universe/Manifesting A Relationship

#271 Understanding Signs From The Universe/Manifesting A Relationship


This caller believed the signs she was getting from the Universe meant her next relationship was going to be a good one, but after only 6 weeks into it, the relationship ended.  She doesn’t understand why the Universe would send her these positive signs only for the relationship to end so quickly.

So, why would the Universe do this to her?  How could she have misread the signs she was getting? Did the Universe get it wrong? Or, did the Universe send her exactly what she needed so that she could get herself into alignment and receive the reality she wants?

Listen in as I explain how the Universe works and why we have signs that end up being a contradiction to our manifestation. I also give a lengthy, but not complicated, description about how The Law of Attraction actually works. A lot to learn on this call, but always fun! You’re welcome!!

This call is for you, if you want to understand how The Law of Attraction works and how you can align your energy and then receive the reality that you really want.

Topics covered on this call:

  • She had signs from the Universe, but her manifestation didn’t match them.
  • What was the Universe reflecting back to her?
  • Is it the Universe’s job to tell us what to do?
  • Why didn’t her manifestation match the signs she was getting?
  • Does the Universe punish us and/or reward us?
  • What exactly was happening when the Universe showed her these signs?
  • How can she understand more about how LOA works?
  • What does it mean to step into our power?
  • Why does feeling good play a big part in manifesting what we want?
  • How can she align her energy with the relationship she wants?
  • What does it mean when we see people manifesting what WE want?
  • Will practicing gratitude help us to raise our vibration?