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  • #272 How Can She Have A Better Relationship With Her Husband?

#272 How Can She Have A Better Relationship With Her Husband?


This caller has no problem raising her vibration; her issue is maintaining that high vibration. She wants a better relationship with her husband, but she finds herself getting angry and frustrated with him (and herself), more often than she wants to. She’s also, at times (not all the time), getting angry with her children over small inconsequential things, and of course she doesn’t want this for herself or her family, but she doesn’t know how she can change it?

What’s really behind this caller’s anger and frustration? Should she try to ignore her negative feelings or are they showing up to give her a much needed message? Will working with her negative feelings actually help her to have a better relationship with her husband and the children?

Listen in to find out!

This call is for you if your positive state quickly turns into a negative one and you find yourself getting angry at the slightest thing.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller gets herself into a positive state but she can’t hold it for long.
  • Why is this positive and then quickly back to negative state happening to her?
  • Is it a good thing to acknowledge our negative emotion?
  • How can she get herself into alignment with what she wants?
  • Why is she struggling to manifest the reality she wants?
  • What’s the difference between taking responsibility and blaming yourself for your vibration?
  • Why do we have to raise our vibration before we can get what we want?
  • Why do we react and get upset over small trivial situations?
  • What does feeling sorry for ourselves actually mean?
  • Why is it helpful to be triggered by other people?