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#273 How Can She Find Her Own Truth?


This caller is involved in an education movement for children where LOA is part of their teachings. She feels passionate about what they teach and she wants to spread their message to as many children as she can. However, as I listened to her words it became very clear that she’s using their words and not her own, and the vision she has for this education movement was their vision not hers. It also became clear that she didn’t feel that she is as powerful as the leaders of the movement and so her passion for it felt off somehow.

Why is it important to find our own truth when we have a message to share? Why do we end up disempowering ourselves and diluting the message we want to share when we rely on other people’s words and not our own? What does she need to do to make herself feel just as powerful as she believes the leaders of this movement are?

This call is for you if you put people on a pedestal and you end up diminishing your own truth to follow theirs.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants to inspire and teach children about The Law of Attraction.
  • She’s part of an education movement where LOA is one of their principles.
  • Is she responsible for getting people to be open to her message?
  • Why are the words she’s using disempowering for her?
  • Is anyone more powerful than we are ourselves?
  • Why isn’t she feeling her own power when she’s relaying her message?
  • Do we need a middle-man to find our higher self?
  • How can she find her own truth and her own vision?
  • Why do we doubt our own truth when we put someone else on a pedestal?