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  • #274 How Can She Set Boundaries With Her Patients?

#274 How Can She Set Boundaries With Her Patients?


This caller owns a dental practice with her husband and some of their patients give her a hard time when it comes to paying their bill or when she’s not able to give them a specific timeslot for a dental emergency. She’s so hurt and exhausted by having to deal with people like this, day in day out, that she finally snapped at someone, which made her feel terrible. She feels that people are just so rude and unappreciative of what both she and her husband do for them, she doesn’t think she can continue working with these patients anymore.

So, what are these lovely people mirroring back to her?  When we offer a service to Jo Public, do we have to take it on the chin and put up with their rudeness or can we set boundaries with them? Can she align her energy and release the patients she no longer wants and manifest the patients she’d love to see every day instead?

Listen in to find out!

This call is for you if you’re letting people get to you in the workplace, or at home, and you want to know how to deal with them the LOA way.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller works as an office manager in a dental practice.
  • The patients give her a hard time paying their bill or when they can’t get an emergency appointment and she’s sick of it.
  • How are these patients actually helping her?
  • When we offer a service to people, do we have to put up with their rudeness?
  • What is true gratitude?
  • How can she release the patients she doesn’t want in her practice?
  • What happens if we put a pre-requisite on a manifestation that we want?
  • How will a constructive anger release benefit her?
  • Why is she struggling to release her anger?
  • How do we change our reality to what we want it to be?