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  • #275 How Can She Stop Feeling Weird About Who She Really Is?

#275 How Can She Stop Feeling Weird About Who She Really Is?


This caller has been told by a doctor that she has Borderline Personality Disorder and because of this she’s losing her confidence about who she really is. Right now, she feels lost, bored and that she has no purpose in life.

She’s known from an early age that she’s different from most people, being that she shone her light so brightly; it made others react negatively towards her. Hence for most of her life she has kept herself small and not allowed herself to be who she really is.

What do the doctors mean when they say she has a Borderline Personality Disorder? Could this have anything to do with her feelings of a lack of purpose? Why do people react negatively to her when she shines her light brightly and should she diminish herself to suit them? Can we be who we really are and rejoice in being our wonderful weird self? The answers are all in this call. You’re welcome!

This call is for you if you’re feeling lost and without a purpose in life, but you feel it’s time to show the world who you really are.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller suffers with Borderline Personality Disorder and it’s affecting her confidence.
  • She feels lost, bored and she has no idea what her life purpose is.
  • What does her vibration have to do with the life experiences she’s had?
  • How can she remain a happy shiny puppy when someone reacts negatively to her shining her light?
  • Is she responsible for other’s shining their own light?
  • How can she stop feeling weird when she wants to be who she really is?
  • How can she set boundaries with people?
  • Why are challenges good for us?
  • Why have some people left her reality recently?
  • Will numbing our emotional pain with medication work?
  • Can we heal ourselves without conventional medicine?