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#277 How Can She Attract The Clients She Really Wants?


This caller followed her intuition and started her own business but it has fallen flat with hardly any clients coming through the door. She offers yoga workshops scheduled over a 3 month period but something in her vibration just isn’t feeling right with being the teacher although yoga is something she loves. And, as the teacher, when her clients aren’t positively focused in her workshop, she somehow feels responsible for their experience of it.

She’s worked out what the cost is for each client for attending a workshop and even though she says she’s comfortable with what she’s charging, during the call is was very evident that her words and her money vibration were not a match.

So, what’s happening here? If her intuition led her to start her own business why isn’t it successful? Why is she attracting clients that aren’t as into yoga as she thought they would be? Is she truly responsible for the experiences of her clients? Why isn’t she attracting more and better focused clients? And just how comfortable is she really about how much she charges for her workshops?

If you’ve started your own business and it’s not the success you thought it would be, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants to make improvements with her business.
  • She’s followed her intuition but now her business has fallen flat.
  • What resistance does she have to her business venture?
  • Are we responsible for someone else’s vibration?
  • Why is she attracting negatively focused clients?
  • Will paying to market her business attract the clients she wants?
  • What does her ideal client look like?
  • Why will going on a retreat help with raising your vibration?
  • How can we get comfortable with charging for our services?
  • Why do we need to concentrate on our vibration and not the vibration of others?
  • Should we just settle or should we go for what we really want?
  • How can she start to believe in her own self-worth as a teacher?
  • Will listening to your own body when you’re in pain release energy?
  • Is there such a thing as having too much knowledge on a given subject?
  • Do you have to be a master at something to be able to teach it?
  • Who is responsible for our manifestations, ourselves or other people?