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  • #278 How Can She Raise Her Abundance Vibration?

#278 How Can She Raise Her Abundance Vibration?


This caller wants to manifest an apartment but right now it’s not something she can afford to do. She has no problem raising her money vibration┬áin order to allow it to manifest but she keeps getting hit with resistance and then she’s lost in negative emotion and fear about the money not turning up.

Why is she getting hit with this resistance about the money manifesting? What are these limiting beliefs showing her? Does she need to dig deeper to find out what this is all about? Can she work with this resistance and find a way to release it?

If you’re trying to raise your vibration and you keep having resistance to what you want showing up, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller can’t afford to buy the apartment she wants.
  • She struggles at times with keeping her money vibration high so that she can manifest what she wants.
  • Why do negative emotions come up when we’re trying to raise our vibration?
  • Why is it a good idea to experience and observe our fears?
  • How will manifesting abundance into her reality make her feel?
  • Why does our mind argue with us when we are focusing positively?
  • Is drama prior to a wanted manifestation really necessary?