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  • #279 How Can She Learn To Trust Her Own Power?

#279 How Can She Learn To Trust Her Own Power?


This caller knows quite a lot about LOA and this is where her struggles begin. She understands that she’s responsible for her own vibration, but she’s finding it hard to trust in her own ability and power to create the reality she wants. She is also concerned that as she raises her vibration more and more, her family, especially her mom, will gravitate out of her reality, because their energy will be at lower level.

Why do we, when we get into this LOA work, have to struggle with trusting the power that we have to create our reality? Do our manifestations just happen randomly, or is there a progression going on, and what does that have to do with us having more trust in ourselves? Does our family have to gravitate out of our lives if we’ve raised our vibration, and they have not raised theirs to our level? And, how do we know when we’re doing the LOA work right?

Listen in to find out how I explain it all.

This call is for you if you know more than the basics of LOA, you’ve been deliberately practicing it for a while, but knowing and then trusting in yourself are two different things.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is struggling with trusting in her ability to create her own reality.
  • She tried sitting with her fears but nothing is moving for her.
  • Why does she have these trust issues?
  • Is blame and responsibility the same thing?
  • Why do we have a feeling of disappointment?
  • Why do we value the drama in our lives?
  • Do manifestations happen randomly?
  • How can she use other people to start believing in herself?
  • Will her family gravitate out of her life if she does this LOA work?
  • Why do we give our power away when we are feeling afraid?
  • What action can we take that helps when we are feeling overwhelmed?
  • How do we know when we’re doing this LOA stuff right?
  • Is the goal of empowerment not to have negative emotions ever again?
  • Details about Reality Academy.