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  • #280 How Can He Believe That He Is Enough Just As He Is?

#280 How Can He Believe That He Is Enough Just As He Is?


This caller has a reality that sounds great on paper, but his actual experience of it is not so great. He wants his own business and he has manifested a mentor, who is helping him by investing money without wanting a return until it becomes a success. He’s also directly employed by a company but he feels he spends way too much time, especially mentally, on this work, meaning he can’t find enough time to work on his own business.

His issue is that he feels energetically in debt to both and he feels trapped by it all. He feels in debt to his mentor because, having failed at his own business before, he feels he won’t make this current business a success, and he’ll end up letting his mentor down. With his employer, because of the pay, he feels he should spend as much time as possible working on their stuff.   It’s a never ending feeling of obligation to both of them, and of not being able to create the reality he wants, even though he knows creating your own reality is something that we are all capable of doing.

What’s this caller’s underlying limiting belief that’s holding him back? What was going on in his vibration when he failed before at his own business? Is that same limiting belief still stuck in his energy? He’s living in a 3D reality but he knows he should be living in a 5D reality, so why isn’t he there already?

Listen in to find out!

This call is for you if, no matter how much you know about LOA and you know you can have what you want, it just won’t come into your reality.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This callers reality, on paper, sounds great, but his experience of it, is not.
  • He’s feeling a lot of pressure and trapped by his work.
  • Why is his resistance showing itself so strongly right now?
  • Why can moving from a 3D reality into a 5D reality feel so volatile?
  • How can he release his limiting belief that he’s in debt to both his mentor & employer?
  • Why does he believe he isn’t deserving of earning money from working for himself?
  • What is the limiting belief that’s holding him in a reality he doesn’t want?
  • How can he release this limiting belief?
  • How can he stop feeling like the underdog around other people?
  • Does the Universe judge what we ask it for?
  • What’s the difference between getting what we want and what we ask for?
  • How do we sort out a 3D problem with a 5D solution?
  • What does it mean to live in a 5D reality?
  • How can we make better choices for ourselves?
  • Are we indebted to people if we ask for their help?