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#281 Should She Stay With Her Boyfriend Or Leave Him?


This caller is currently in a 2 year relationship that is very much on and off. They have a long distance relationship, so getting together is not something they can do on a regular basis. There are many things about this man that she likes, however there are some things that’s making her question whether or not to stay with him. For example, one minute he is with her, and then he goes back to an ex-girlfriend, and he has continued to repeat this cycle more than once. He won’t fully commitment to her children, and she hasn’t yet been allowed to met members of his family.

Although there are things about him that she doesn’t like, she’s not quite ready to lose him just yet. Being single isn’t the thing that’s bothering her, what bothers her is losing this particular man.

What’s really going on in this relationship? Why isn’t she willing to say goodbye to him when the relationship clearly isn’t working for her? Why is it so important to her to get what she wants through this particular man? Should she focus her energy on the relationship that she truly wants and will this bring it into her reality?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you, if you’re in a relationship but the commit you are looking for isn’t fully there.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has been in an on/off relationships for 2 years.
  • Their relationship is both long distance and without a full commitment to each other.
  • She can’t decide now whether she should stay or break up with him.
  • How does she feel about this man compared to her previous relationships?
  • Why should we focus on the progression of our manifestations?
  • Why is it difficult for her to let go of him although the relationship isn’t working for her?
  • Do our manifestations match our vibration?
  • Can people’s words and actions differ?
  • How can you know when someone is being authentic with you?
  • What can she focus on that will match her with the relationship she truly wants?
  • How authentic should we be in our relationships?
  • When is the right time to make the decision to break up with someone?
  • Should our focus be on trying to get someone to change towards us?