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  • #283 How Can She Stop Feeling Like An Imposter As A Med Student?

#283 How Can She Stop Feeling Like An Imposter As A Med Student?


This caller is a medical student, who isn’t sure whether or not she’s cut out to be a Doctor. She’s failed some of her exams and the pressure she felt during that time was huge. She has also dreamt of being a Doctor, but now it’s her reality, it’s not as enjoyable as she thought it would be. One emotion that she can’t shake is that being in medical school makes her feel like an imposter. She’s beginning to wonder if she’s in denial about her ability to be a Doctor, or if she has developed a lack of trust in her manifesting power.

What was going on with her vibration leading up to her exams? Why is the reality of being in medical school so different to how she thought it would be? Is she truly cut out to be a Doctor, or is she, as she believes she is, an imposter, who doesn’t have want it takes to qualify?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re studying for a profession but it’s not how you thought it would be, and you’re struggling with your ability to make the grade.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is confused between denial and a lack of trust in herself.
  • She’s taking exams in medical school, but she struggles to keep her vibration high about them.
  • Why is she experiencing confusion around denial and a lack of trust in herself?
  • Why isn’t she enjoying the process of being in medical school?
  • How can other people help us to raise our vibration?
  • What emotion did she feel when she failed her exams?
  • How can she release her feeling of powerlessness?
  • Should she listen to her own intuition when interacting with her teachers?
  • Do our bodies have to decline as we get older?
  • Why does a transition team have the hardest time getting their message across?
  • Why do some people decline with age and some people do not?
  • Can we move medicine towards health and thriving and away from disease?