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  • #284 Why Hasn’t Following Her Intuition Worked Out Better For Her?

#284 Why Hasn’t Following Her Intuition Worked Out Better For Her?


This caller followed her intuition,¬†left everything and everyone she knew to move across the country by herself. Unfortunately, things haven’t turned out the way she thought they would. She has very little in the way of a support network, and instead of feeling empowered and joyful, she feels isolated, depressed and lost. And, to top it all off, she injured herself¬†physically, thereby¬†stopping her going to the gym, which was a big part of her life.

She’s recently been told about the benefits of meditating to increase her inner wellbeing but no matter how much she tries she doesn’t always want to do it.

Why isn’t the move across the country working out for her? Why is she experiencing feelings of isolation and depression? Was the physical injury connected to her feelings and emotions? And, if she knows the benefits of meditation, why is she struggling with it?

Listen in as I explain it all!

This call is for you if you’ve recently undertaken a big change in your life, but things are just not working out for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is trying to be ok with not knowing where her life is going.
  • She left everything and everyone behind and moved across the country but it’s not working out well.
  • She now feels isolated, depressed and lost.
  • Why has the move worked out so differently than she expected?
  • What is our main goal of being here?
  • Why do we have a lack of tolerance for things we don’t want to do?
  • She feels she should meditate more, so why can’t she maintain it?
  • Can distracting yourself be a useful tool in raising your vibration?
  • How can she release her emotions of feeling lost and anxious?
  • Why can PMS cause suffering?
  • What can happen to our body when we try to control things?
  • Is it our job to figure out how something will happen?
  • What feeling can she reach for when she needs to let go?
  • Why do people hang on to a physical activity that limits their happiness?