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  • #285 Can She Have A Career Where She Inspires People?

#285 Can She Have A Career Where She Inspires People?


This caller teaches English but she’s ready to make a change. She’s tried getting into the visualization of what she wants now, but she’s finding this difficult to do. She knows she wants a job where she gets to inspire people and where she can connect with them on a face to face level, but a visualization about how that job will come about or what it looks like seems to be a stumbling block.

During the call, while working on her visualization, we bumped up against her resistance and, although it wasn’t huge, this call demonstrates how resistance, even when it’s not too big, can hinder us when we’re trying to align our energy with what we want. And, is it really our job to tell the Universe how we want something to come about before it can manifest into our reality?

This call is for everyone who is ready to make a change in their career, and needs help working with any resistance that’s coming up.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller teaches English, but she’s now ready for a change.
  • She’s tried visualizing her perfect job but she’s not sure how this works.
  • How can she bump up her visualization more?
  • What does her perfect job look like?
  • Do we have to determine how our manifestations will come about?
  • How can she step into her resistance and release it?
  • Will staying within our comfort zone supercharge our manifesting or hinder it?
  • How can she feel good telling her friends and family about her energy work?
  • Do we have to go searching for information or will the Universe bring it to us?
  • How can she develop her skills before getting the job?