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  • #286 How Can She Prove That The Law Of Attraction Works?

#286 How Can She Prove That The Law Of Attraction Works?


This caller wants to prove that The Law of Attraction works. She’s a college student, who is also studying coaching, and her belief in LOA is quite strongbut to prove to herself that it works she wants to manifest a way to levitate. Does she really need to manifest this to cement her belief in LOA? Can she have prove if she uses it to focus on and release the limiting beliefs she has about her chosen college degree and her money vibration?

These limiting beliefs are currently lowering her vibration, so if she uses The Law of Attraction to find a way to improve her focus on a project at school, her worries about not having enough money each month, and her thoughts about college, what will the The Law of Attraction do for her?

Listen in to find out how!

This call is for you if you want a good old fashioned lesson on how The Law of Attraction can raise your vibration and manifest the reality that you want.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants to do things that are outside of the norm, e.g. levitating.
  • Is she already experiencing this through her dreams?
  • Why does she need this to happen in her realty?
  • How can we prove to ourselves that LOA works?
  • Do we have control over other people?
  • If we can imagine it, can we manifest it?
  • Why is her energy dipping when she thinks about money?
  • Can a feeling of need have a negative effect on our vibration and actions?
  • Is focusing on money the way to manifest more money?
  • Can she raise her vibration around finishing her degree?
  • Can she find a way to enjoy a school project that she doesn’t want to do?
  • Why is it good for our vibration when we admit how we truly feel?
  • How can we speak our truth when we have a message to share?