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  • #287 How Can She Overcome Her Anxiety About Her Music Career?

#287 How Can She Overcome Her Anxiety About Her Music Career?


This caller moved to LA 2 years ago to pursue a music career, but, to date, nothing’s manifesting for her. With no offers of work coming her way she is now suffering with anxiety attacks, which are crippling her. The fact that she is now 26 just adds to her anxiety because she believes time is running out for her to be a successful singer/songwriter.  She believes you have to be very young to make it big in the music industry, and 26 is not young enough for that industry.

What causes our body to go into an anxiety attack? Can it be controlled, or do we have to let it control us? Is her music career doomed now that she’s in her mid twenties? Is what she’s focusing on causing her to be stuck in a reality where she’s not a successful musician?

Listen in to find out more.

This call is for all of you who are still waiting for your dream career to become a realized manifestation.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is getting anxiety attacks because her music career isn’t happening.
  • What causes us to have these anxiety attacks?
  • What is the fight and flight response we have when we feel we are in danger?
  • Can she find a way to be in control of her panic attacks?
  • Why are we feeling our resistance more than ever now?
  • Can starting each sentence with “In my reality” help you to get the reality you want?
  • How do we get ourselves unstuck from the cycle of not getting what we want?
  • Do we have to go out and make something happen?
  • How can we attract what we want into our reality?
  • Why does resistance surface when we focus on what we want?
  • Is there such a thing as being lucky?
  • Why is she struggling to feel powerful in Los Angeles
  • Is it ok to feel afraid?
  • Who should we talk to about our dreams?