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  • #288 How Can We Realize Just How Powerful We Really Are?

#288 How Can We Realize Just How Powerful We Really Are?


Today’s call is a real down the rabbit hole call. This caller wants to delve deeper into reality creation and the power we have to manifest whatever we want.  Some of the things she wants to learn more about are – why do we  experience what we do, both the negative and the positive? What are our reasons for wanting to manifest anything at all? How can we expand our perspective and therefore experience the whole of everything?

These are some great questions, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting an opportunity to explain my perspective about them. So, if you want to know the answers to these thought provoking questions, as well as other questions about LOA, listen in and expand your LOA knowledge with me. But, be warned – this call might just leave you with more questions to ponder!! You’re welcome!

This call is for all of you if you’re ready to go way down the rabbit hole with me today and expand your understanding of reality creation.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants more understanding about how she creates her reality.
  • Why is the concept of creating your own reality sometimes confusing ?
  • Why the illusion of not knowing how things will be created is a perfect set up.
  • What is the point of experiencing anything or everything?
  • Are we obligated to do something, including being a good person?
  • Why do we want to uplift other people?
  • Why do we have a limited range on our perspective and focus?
  • What is the purpose of the ego?
  • How can we make peace with our power to create what we want?
  • What does soul retrieval really mean?
  • Do we leave our body when we have out-of-body experiences?
  • Why should we go bigger with our dreams?
  • What happens in our reality when we change our vibration?
  • How do we manifest the romantic relationship we truly want?
  • Do we have to focus on what we want, all day, every day?
  • How can we use our positive manifestations to expand our perspective further?