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  • #289 How Can She Give Herself Permission To Be Extraordinary?

#289 How Can She Give Herself Permission To Be Extraordinary?


This caller is fighting a battle with resistance and beliefs that she’s not good enough or extraordinary enough to shine. As a child, she’s realized she was quite good at a lot of things, but, after years of criticism from her mom, as an adult, she’s finding it difficult to believe in herself.  She would love to make her passion for music a successful career, but she doesn’t believe anyone will care enough to support her in being the best she can be.

How does she release the criticism she experienced growing up? How can she align her energy and manifest the right people to support her desire to be a successful musician? Can she find a way to feel extraordinary, to shine, and be who she wants to be?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for everyone who spent their childhood being criticized and now as an adult that criticism is stopping you from living the life you want to live.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller spent her childhood being heavily criticized by her mom.
  • She’s now fighting against beliefs that she’s not good enough to be a success.
  • What happens if we step into our negative emotions instead of ignoring them?
  • What technique can she use that makes her feel safe against her past hurts?
  • How can she get into the feeling of people supporting her?
  • What can she do if she thinks people trying to take over her?
  • How can she be more kind to herself?
  • How can she manifest the reality she truly wants?
  • How can she get her mind to stop shutting her down when she’s focusing on what she wants?