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  • #291 How Can He Release His Fear And Be Who He Really Is?

#291 How Can He Release His Fear And Be Who He Really Is?


This caller recently manifested everything he wanted. Great job, great house, great car, a great location to live; everything he thought he wanted – but he still feels empty. Manifesting his dream life isn’t making him dance around the room, instead, he still feels exactly as he did before everything he wanted came into his reality.

Currently, he’s a broadcaster on British radio, but he’s also a performer, who once got on stage with a world famous diva, and boy, how his energy lit up when he remembered that experience.

So, what’s going on with him? He has everything he wanted, so why does he feel so empty? Shouldn’t he just be grateful┬áthat his dream life manifesting into his reality? If he enjoys being a performer more than he enjoys being a broadcaster, why isn’t he doing that instead?

Listen in and I explain why, even if you manifest everything you thought you wanted, it can still leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

This call is for you, if on the outside looking in, you have a fabulous life, but on the inside looking out, your life still isn’t making you a happy shiny puppy.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has a fantastic life with everything he wanted, but he’s not enjoying it.
  • By his own definition he should be happy, but instead he feels empty.
  • Why does he feel this way when he now has the reality he wanted?
  • When we have everything we want are we entitled to feel dissatisfied?
  • Are we given our reality by an outside source, or do we manifest it ourselves?
  • What is fake gratitude?
  • Why does resistance show itself when we try to access a higher frequency?
  • Why is he experiencing the emotion resentfulness?
  • Can he be who he really is regardless of where he came from?
  • Why, when we let go of a desire does it then manifest?
  • How can he release his fear of being who he really is in his day-to-day interactions?
  • Why is it easier to connect with “real” people?
  • What matters more, energy or talent?
  • If we want to emulate someone else, how should we do it so that we remain authentic?