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  • #292 What Is Her Purpose For Being Here?

#292 What Is Her Purpose For Being Here?


This caller has many interests but feels she has no real purpose to her life. The things she loves doing are being on stage and teaching. She’s currently doing temp jobs but, although she knows she needs to find a job soon, she doesn’t want one where she has to give up the freedom she currently has. She would love to earn a living through teaching others to dance or being on stage, but she gets too overwhelmed about how that could manifest.

What is our actual purpose for being here? Do we need to do something specific to fulfillĀ our purpose? What can she do to overcome her feelings of being overwhelmed? If she has dreams and aspirations of her own how can she apply The Law of Attraction to get them to manifest into her reality?

This call is for you if you’re struggling to find a purpose for being here, or you’re struggling with feeling of being overwhelmed about a career you want to manifest into your reality.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has lots of interests but feels she has no purpose.
  • Is there a purpose for being here?
  • If we want to teach do we have to have a career as a teacher?
  • How does she know when she’s expressing her purpose?
  • Who’s the loser when we don’t play our own game in life?
  • How do we co-create with other people?
  • Can having physical symptoms tell us something about our vibration?
  • How can she find her perfect job?
  • How can she overcome her feeling of being overwhelmed?
  • What objections are getting in the way of her vision?
  • Do you have to be an expert to either teach or take part in an activity?
  • Are we all imperfect and should we feel proud that we are?
  • How do we set goals the LOA way?
  • Do we have to make things happen for them to manifest?