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  • #293 How Can He Overcome His Fear About Dying In His Sleep?

#293 How Can He Overcome His Fear About Dying In His Sleep?


This caller has for many years, lived with the fear of dying in his sleep. Recently, this fear has spiraled out of control, because it’s now coupled with the memories he has about the physical and mental abuse he suffered as a child, at the hands of his mom’s boyfriend. What he can’t get passed with his fear of dying is that once he dies, he will no longer exist; there will be no more to him.

Why are the memories from his childhood suddenly manifesting and why are they consuming his whole life? Is there a link between his fear of dying and the memories that are now coming up from his childhood? Why is he so afraid of death and do we really stop existing when we leave the physical and return to the non-physical?

Can he release his fears and start to enjoy the life he has here in the physical?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re being consumed by a fear that has a control of you, you do not have a control of it.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is afraid to sleep because he thinks, once he’s asleep, he will die.
  • His insomnia is now out of control because it’s now coupled with memories from his abusive childhood.
  • What representation does a memory have for us?
  • Can we use logic to try to understand the memories that feel bad to us?
  • Why is stepping into your fear helpful to releasing it?
  • Why does he fear that he will no longer exist if he dies?
  • As a society why do we consider death to be a tragedy?
  • How can he become a child again and release the fears that are still with him?
  • How can he work with his anxiety when it’s time to sleep?
  • Will having a constructive anger release help him with his childhood memories?
  • When will he know he’s ready to release his fears?