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  • #294 Can A Negative Vibration Manifest Through Our Physical Body?

#294 Can A Negative Vibration Manifest Through Our Physical Body?


Today, we have a real technical, down-the-rabbit-hole Law of Attraction call.

Have you ever questioned why you get ill or why you manifest certain illnesses?  Have you ever questioned why you have a long term nagging pain that won’t go away, no matter what you try to do to get rid of it? Have you ever questioned why your body is able to fully recover and re-balance itself after a illness that knocks you off your feet?

Have you ever wished that as you age, your body and mind would find a way to stay young and vibrant? And, have you ever wished you could find a way to live to be over the age of 100, while remaining physically and mentally strong?

Have you ever wondered if your vibration and your body are connected?

Well, this call has the answers you’ve been looking for! Today you are going to learn why our vibration and our bodies are so perfectly connected and that, whatever is going on with our vibration, it can, and will, manifest through our physical bodies. You’re welcome!

This call is for you if you want to know more about the perfect connection that goes on between our vibration and our bodies and how you can work it to your full advantage.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants to know what will manifest in her body that matches her vibration.
  • Do we have different ranges of vibrations for the different areas of our lives?
  • Why do we manifest things that are specific just to us?
  • Can our manifestations come through changes in our body?
  • Why is it difficult to shift resistance that shows up in our body?
  • Do our bodies manifest resistance that matches our energy on a given subject?
  • Why do we manifest long-standing health issues?
  • Do we manifest randomly or are they connected to our vibration?
  • Should we focus all of our attention on things happening in our reality that we don’t like?
  • Why are things more volatile now than before?
  • How do we become a match to what we want?
  • What is an unconsciousness illusion?
  • As we age do we have to become old?
  • How does our body re-balance itself?
  • Do we have enough time to do all the things we want to do?
  • Is it possible to manifest what we want in a way that is easy and effective?
  • Do we have to control the process of a manifestation?