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  • #296 How Can She Live In Her Current Reality While Focusing On Her Wanted Reality?

#296 How Can She Live In Her Current Reality While Focusing On Her Wanted Reality?


This caller has a lot of resistance going on with her current reality. She desperately wants to move away from the job she’s in, and, as she knows a fair bit about energy and LOA, she spends as much time as she can aligning her vibration¬†to what she wants. However, her sticking point is waking up each morning knowing she still has to get up and do a job she hates.

As much as she can focus on what she wants,¬†like getting through the day and staying positive about her wanted reality that is still not here, it’s becoming quite a challenge for her. If she had the opportunity to just go off and cocoon herself and work on raising her vibration then she would, but, unfortunately, that’s not an option.

Does she really need to remove herself from her current reality to raise her vibration? Is that even an easy option to getting what we what? How can she find a way to work with the resistance she has about her current reality? And why is this resistance showing itself when she’s trying to focus her energy on what she wants?

This call is for you if remaining positive about your current reality is becoming too challenging for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants to know how she can work with her resistance about her current reality?
  • She’s not able to just go off and remove herself from life, so what is she supposed to do?
  • Does she have to remove herself to be able to work with her resistance and raise her vibration?
  • Is removing yourself from your current reality an easy journey?
  • Do we have to go through a traumatic experience before we can open up our energy?
  • How can she work with the resistance that’s now showing itself?
  • How do we avoid using something as a distraction to avoid listening to what we are thinking?
  • Why is it beneficial to surrender to an illness?
  • Can we raise our vibration on a job we hate?
  • Why does resistance show itself when we play pretend?
  • How do we take control of our vibration?
  • How can we stop taking ourselves too seriously?
  • Can we find a way to manage our time better?