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#298 Why Isn’t He Attracting Coaching Clients?


This caller runs a coaching practice and he’s recently launched a coaching program to further support people in their growth, but, to date, no-one has signed up to work with him. He has a real passion for coaching and the feedback he’s gotten from previous clients is that he’s good at what he does, and that their lives have changed after working with him.

If he’s passionate about what he does, and his previous clients are happy, what’s going on with his energy that’s blocking new clients from wanting to work with him? What is his limiting belief and how does he release it? Once released, what can he focus on so he’ll attract clients who are eager to sign up with him?

This call is for you if you’re a business owner and you love what you do, but you’re not attracting the clients/customers you want to your business.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has a coaching practice but he’s not attracting any clients.
  • Should healers charge for their expertise?
  • Why aren’t people signing up for his coaching programs?
  • Why does he want to coach people?
  • How do we attract the clients that come into our reality?
  • Can you have fun and still make money?
  • Do people value things more if they pay for them?
  • What makes money flow to people?
  • Why can sitting with a negative emotion be beneficial in releasing it?
  • How can he feel comfortable charging for his coaching?
  • How can he overcome his fear of being seen?
  • Can he sell his coaching programs in a way that feels good to him?

*During the call I made reference to this blog post. You welcome!