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  • #299 Her Reality Is Changing And It Scares Her

#299 Her Reality Is Changing And It Scares Her


This caller’s energy is rising more and more each day, and, true to what happens when we raise our vibration, her reality is beginning to change. But, for her, these changes are also bringing up a lot of her fears. What if things happen too quickly? What if she’s not ready for the changes? What if she makes the wrong decision because things are moving at such a fast pace? What happens if the Universe gives her something she not ready for? How will she be able to deal with it all?

When we raise our vibration and start to focus on the reality we want, this brings up the resistance that’s always been there but now, it’s presenting itself ready for us to release it.

Today’s call is all about how we recognize and release this resistance, so that, when what we want starts to manifest, we are ready and eager for it, not scared of it.

This call is for you if you’ve been focusing on what you want, but you’ve been hit with a ton of resistance and you want to know how to release it in a way that feels good to you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller is moving up the vibrational ladder but she still has fears around stability.
  • Why are her fears coming to light as her energy is rising?
  • What triggers her insecurities?
  • Why do we fear change?
  • What happens when we allow ourselves to feel our fears?
  • Do we need to use our intellect to raise our vibration?
  • Does working hard create a better reality?
  • How can we get comfortable with receiving?
  • When does the Universe support us?
  • What is the belief of scarcity based on?
  • When is the right time to fight back?
  • Why do we feel the need to earn love?
  • Why was 2017 a tough year for people?
  • What does it mean to be present?

*During the call I made reference to this blog post. You’re welcome!