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  • #301 Can He Stop Hiding And Be Who He Really Is?

#301 Can He Stop Hiding And Be Who He Really Is?


This caller believes if he could manifestĀ financial security he would have theĀ reality he truly wants. With more than enough money he could have more fun, more relaxation, and more independence. His current reality is that he’s in a job he hates, he’s renting his mom’s basement, and he’s basically not accomplishing a whole lot of anything. Right now all he seems to be doing is living in survival mode, and what he wants is too far out of his reach.

Is a lack of money the real reason why he’s stuck in a reality he doesn’t want, or is something else going on here? Is having a lot of money the only way for his reality to change for the better? What positive changes will he see if he removes his limiting belief about living in survival mode?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you, if you believe that you have to manifest a lot of money before anything will get better in your reality.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants financial abundance so he can have a reality with more fun and relaxation.
  • Does financial abundance make what we want fall into place?
  • How do manifestations work?
  • Why is he hiding himself away from the world?
  • Do we have to suffer to get what we want?
  • How can he remove his belief of limitation?
  • What does it mean to be realistic?
  • What are the differences with 3D living and 5D living?
  • Why are quantum leaps uncomfortable?
  • Why does resistance show itself to us?
  • How can he focus on what he wants when he’s constantly in survival mode?
  • How do we get into the feeling of being present?
  • How do we release the emotion of fear?
  • What happens when we consciously distract ourselves when we’re feeling low?
  • How can we give ourselves the gift of feeling better?