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  • #302 Can She Release Her Resentment, Guilt & Shame About A Past Experience?

#302 Can She Release Her Resentment, Guilt & Shame About A Past Experience?


Five years ago, this caller ran¬†across America for a fundraising event; only things didn’t work out how she thought they would. She had a support driver with her, but this working relationship turned into her worst nightmare. He became overpowering and demanding, and he wanted to control her every move. She gave in to him on a number of things, but doing this, made her both physically and mentally drained, and created a whole load of resentment towards him.

Things got so overwhelming for her that instead of running the whole time, on occasions, she’d walk or take taxis. But, doing this, made her feel really guilty and ashamed, to the point that she didn’t tell the people who were supporting her, what she’d done. A few months into the event she did tell people, and, instead of being unsupportive, they fully understood her reasons for doing it.

But, five years later, the resentment for her support driver and the guilt and shame about not coming clean right away is still eating away at her. She’s still finding it difficult to move on emotionally from the whole experience.

Five years ago, why didn’t she stand up to her support driver? Why does she still feel so much resentment towards him? Why did she feel guilty and ashamed about walking and taking a taxi during her fundraising event? And why does she, even today, still feel guilty and ashamed of herself? What energy work does she need to do to release all the negative emotions she still feels about this past experience?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for anyone who is currently feeling negative feelings, and is looking for a way to release them.

Topics covered on this call:

  • Five years ago, this caller ran across America, running an average 20 miles per day.
  • Her support driver became overpowering, causing her to resent him, which she still feels today.
  • She got so physically and mentally tired, that she stopped running and walked instead, but this made her feel guilty and ashamed, and those feelings are still with her.
  • How can she stop judging herself?
  • How do we become manipulated by someone?
  • What can she do to release her resentment towards him?
  • How can she take back the power that she gave him?
  • Why do we struggle when wanting to release our anger?
  • Can she release her guilt and shame?
  • Is it true that she didn’t accomplish her goals?