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  • #304 Can She Align Her Energy And Manifest A Conscious Relationship?

#304 Can She Align Her Energy And Manifest A Conscious Relationship?


This caller is a pretty good manifester, but the one area that isn’t working for her is romantic relationships. She’s not had a proper relationship for about 4 years because the guys she’s meeting either are not feeling it for her or she’s not attracted to them. She’s met up with quite a few guys during this time period, but nothing is coming together.

So, if she’s been able to manifest really well in other areas, why isn’t she manifesting the relationship she wants? Has there been any value for her while she’s not been in a relationship? Does her vibration around relationships have an impact on who she’s attracting? When she starts to align her energy with what she wants, will the right person, with the right qualities, manifest into her reality?

If you are not attracting what you want in a relationship, or maybe you’re not attracting anyone romantically right now, this call is definitely for you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller wants to align her energy to manifest a romantic relationship.
  • She’s meeting men, but nothing seems to develop.
  • Is dating a numbers game? – (The more men you meet, the better chance you have of finding the right one)?
  • Is it true that when we stop looking for a relationship, one appears?
  • Why is it difficult for people to meet in person after connecting online?
  • What is the value of not being in a relationship?
  • What does a conscious relationship look like?
  • Are men into this Law of Attraction stuff?
  • How do we know when someone is right for us?
  • Is our energy speeding up faster than ever before?
  • How can we benefit from having a relationship with mother earth?
  • What qualities does she want in a man?
  • What is a true compromise?
  • How does she know she’s on the right path to attracting the relationship she wants?