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  • #306 How Can She Attract Clients That Are Fun To Work With?

#306 How Can She Attract Clients That Are Fun To Work With?


This caller has a coaching practice with some good clients, but not enough clients to make a decent living from it. She’s ready to go deeper with her clients, but they aren’t ready for this type of coaching, meaning, she’s not enjoying coaching as much as she could be. To help her attract more clients, and better clients she spoke with a business coach, but this also didn’t her the results she wanted.

So, why isn’t she attracting enough of the kind of client that she wants? If she’s ready to go further with them, why isn’t the Universe bringing these people to her? Hiring a business coach to help you market your business can work great for some people, but why isn’t it working for her?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you, if you have your own business but it’s not heading in the direction you want it go.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has a coaching practice but she’s not manifesting enough clients to make a living from it.
  • Is she in a good place with her coaching practice already?
  • How can she get more comfortable coaching people?
  • Does she have an obligation to coach people if she doesn’t enjoy the coaching they want?
  • What happens to our manifestations if we water down what we want?
  • Is she responsible for the experience of her clients?
  • Does she have to define her ideal client before she gets the clients she wants?
  • What’s the difference between a therapist and a coach?
  • Are we in control of what happens in our reality?
  • Should we blindly follow what someone else says?
  • How did the “The Secret” benefit people?
  • How does the right marketing help us to attract what we want?
  • Can she have a coaching practice full of awesome clients?