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#307 Is She Ready To Be A Coach?


This caller has started up a coaching practice, and although she enjoys coaching she’s not sure what she has to offer, or even, what value she can bring to someone. She knows she wants to coach women by supporting them to get a better life, full of fun and freedom, but she’s not sure how she goes about doing this. She’s also in a lot of debt, so getting her business off the ground and being successful is something she’s needs to get sorted, as soon as possible.

Why does she want to coach women, specifically? What’s making her feel like she’s not ready to coach, even though she has a strong desire to do it? As a coach, what value can she bring to her clients? Once she’s sorted out her energy and limiting beliefs, how can she manifest the clients she truly wants into her reality?

This call is for all you coaches out there, whether you’re a newbie, or an established coach, and you’re feeling a little bit vulnerable about the value that you bring as a coach.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller has started her own business coaching people, but she’s not sure what value she can bring to them.
  • She’s also in a lot of debt, so she needs to be able to make money sooner rather than later.
  • Why does she want to help women specifically?
  • Is she ready to coach people?
  • Are you obligated to help someone?
  • Is coaching a family member a good idea?
  • Can bitching about something make conversations more authentic?
  • Does LOA make us naive?
  • What type of clients do we manifest into our reality?
  • As a coach what’s the biggest gift we can give someone?
  • Why is she afraid to own her power?
  • Are we more than just our physical-self?
  • How do we give positive energy to someone who appears powerlessness to us?
  • What is real compassion?
  • What is a true warrior?
  • How can she feel better about her financial situation?
  • Are we responsible for what other people do?