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  • #308 Is She Being Irresponsible Going After The Reality She Wants?

#308 Is She Being Irresponsible Going After The Reality She Wants?


This caller had a progression of manifestation that allowed her to completely change her reality in a short amount of time. During this time, she decided, out of the blue, that she wanted a career as a flight attendant, and she was offered a job quite quickly, which she turned down because she knew a better offer would come along; only it didn’t. Now she’s left, sort of, stuck, with nothing much going on.

The more she thinks about things, she now knows she doesn’t want this career after all, however what she’d really like to do – house sitting around the world – feels irresponsible, and it’s also coupled with the fear┬áthat the income will be low and not guaranteed, meaning, she won’t have enough money to support herself if things go wrong.

Is she really stuck or is her current reality as it should be? Can she manifest more from where she is right now? Can she overcome her fears about money, and is she really being irresponsible if she goes after the reality she truly wants?

This call is for you, if you know what reality you want, but fear is stopping you from lining up your energy with it.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller’s feelings of not feeling good enough is starting to surface and she’s not sure what to do about it.
  • Last year, she completely changed her reality, doing things she’d not done before.
  • Now she feels stuck because nothing much is manifesting for her.
  • How was she able to completely change her reality in such a short amount of time?
  • Is her reality in a much better place than she realizes?
  • Is she being irresponsible going after the reality she truly wants?
  • How can she overcome her fear of not having enough money?
  • Do we have to decline physically in old age?
  • How do we manifest the money we want?
  • Why do we end up having beliefs that limit us?
  • Who should she speak to when she wants to manifest her dream reality?
  • How can she get her mind onboard when changing a limiting belief?
  • How do we know when we’re on the wrong path?
  • Does going after what we want have to include something going wrong?