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  • #310 Can He Be A Great Manager And Remain The Person He Really Is?

#310 Can He Be A Great Manager And Remain The Person He Really Is?


This caller starts a new job soon as a managerĀ trainee, and although he’s looking forward to it, it’s also bringing up his beliefs about whether or not, he’s good enough to take on this new role. He’s not been in a managerial role before, and he’s concerned about what impact he can make, and how his colleagues will take to him. He’s a guy with a big, shiny personality, somewhat different from most managers we see in the workplace. Can he stay true to who he really is, and still be the manager he wants to be?

Can he apply LOA principles to his managerial role? Is he good enough to lead people when he hasn’t done this role before? And, can his big, shiny personality actually be something that’s needed in the work place?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re embarking on a new career path that’s bringing up beliefs about not being good enough, and you’re concerned about remaining true to who you really are.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller keeps changing his reality to get to a better one, but it hasn’t worked out for him.
  • Although, he recently attended a job fare, and it went perfectly.
  • His limiting belief is that his money situation won’t sort itself out in time.
  • How can he work himself into the vibration that everything is going to be ok?
  • Can a feeling of expectation lower our energy?
  • How can he overcome his fear of feeling too inadequate to be a manager?
  • What energy principles make for a good manager?*
  • How can you create a better vision for the people you manage?
  • Why does being authentic raise your vibration?
  • What’s the difference between managing and leading?
  • Can he be a great manager and remain the person he really is?
  • How can he get into a better feeling place with his finances?

*Blog Post: The LOA Manager