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  • #312 How Can She Stop Getting Overwhelmed With Her Career Choices?

#312 How Can She Stop Getting Overwhelmed With Her Career Choices?


This caller is working on 3 different things in her career, but she’s getting overwhelmed trying to bring them together. Her main concern is that she doesn’t have enough time to get everything she wants done and accomplished, and now she’s found herself in a rut. She has an acupuncture practice, a blog teaching people how to work with their sensitivity, and she’s also learning how to be a shaman. She enjoys spending time with her patients, but she’s so busy that sometimes she feels drained by everything. She’s an empathic person and some days she’s manifesting people into her acupuncture practice with a low vibration, which means these people aren’t fun for her to work with, but even though they aren’t fun to be around she still continues to work with them.

What’s inside her energy field that’s making her feel drained and overwhelmed? Is she randomly manifesting people who drain her, or is there something going on with her energy that’s attracting them? If some of her patients aren’t fun to work with, how can she attract only the clients who are fun? If not having enough time is a limiting belief for her, how can she get into the feeling of knowing she has more than enough time?

This call is for you if you’re working on projects where you’re feeling overwhelmed and you don’t have enough time, or you’re around people who are draining the life out of you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • This caller doesn’t know where she’s going in her career and is looking for clarity on what to do next.
  • She’s working on 3 different projects, but she’s getting overwhelmed trying to bring them together.
  • As an empathic person how can she work with the energy of other people?
  • What type of patient is she manifesting into her reality?
  • Why is she working with patients who aren’t fun to work with?
  • Why do we have to pay attention to where our own energy is before we can work with other people?
  • How can she create stability with her own energy?
  • What do our current manifestations show us?
  • How can she stop getting drained by her patients?
  • What is true compassion?
  • How can she step into that vibration of compassion around people?
  • Is she responsible for the healing of her patients?
  • How can she get comfortable charging people for her services?
  • Is the placebo effect real?
  • Why do we feel the emotion of impatience?
  • How can we make sure we have enough time to do what we want?
  • Are our manifestations random?